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Infertility and Adoption Counseling, Daytona Beach, Florida

Infertility / Adoption Counseling
Counseling With TLC, LLC understands what you are going through if you are experiencing infertility.  It can be hard to truly relate to the feelings, frustrations, struggles, questions, and mixture of emotions you feel when going through infertility unless or until you have been there yourself.  We at Counseling With TLC have been there and we understand the intricacies of infertility.  We are ready and happy to help you explore your feelings and help you to better understand why you may be feeling the way you do.  You are not alone, although at times it may feel that way.  At Counseling With TLC you always have someone to talk with who will relate to you and your unique experiences.  Engaging with a counselor trained and experienced in infertility can be very beneficial to you and can make a huge difference in your life.  You may find that relationships in your life are improved by working with a counselor, and your stress level may be decreased.  Our goal is to help you remember and rediscover your "old self" and help you to start "living again."


If you are working with an infertility treatment center and need a psychological evaluation / mental health screening in order to proceed with treatment, we can help.  We are trained to administer and interpret the assessment took, MMPI-2-RF. We will provide a professionally written report that will be sent to your treatment clinic.  Our evaluations follow the ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) guidelines for infertility psychological screenings.

Adoption can be a very rewarding experience and one that involves instant bonding and family growth or development.  It can be a wonderful option to choose whether you have struggled with infertility or not.  There can be a lot of questions you need to answer when considering adoption and it may be helpful to speak with a counselor who has been through the process and who can understand.  You may find that an experienced counselor can help you explore topics you have not yet thought of, or provide questions that you may want to ask before getting started.  Adoption can bring about many challenges and changes in your life that may be unplanned and unexpected.  Counseling With TLC can assist you as you manage any hurdles in the process of adoption and provide support to you during in difficult times.  While adoption stories can be rosy, many families of adoption will tell you there were times when things became pretty hard.  It's time like those when speaking to a counselor can really help you keep it all together.  If you are adopting after infertility, you may find that you are experiencing feelings of grief/loss that are unexpected.  There are stages that are important for you to work through when adopting after infertility.  We can help you identify those stages and help you work through them in a healthy way.  Our goal is to help you get back to "you" and feel good about life again.  So, no matter what stage you are in regarding infertility or adoption, we are here for you.  Please call us or email us today to discuss ways we can help!

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